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Farewell Michaels...

Last night, millions, or probably billions of people around the world sent michael jackson off into the afterlife. I never really watch the memorial, 10mins or so, pretty tired by the time i got home and went to sleep.

Legend, but unfortunately the media will not stop speculating, even after he's gone. Haiz, i wonder when he will truly rest in peace. Goodbye michael.

As someone kindly pointed out, we lost 2 michaels in the past fortnight. The other? Michael Owen.

Actually i don't feel as surprised, or rather disappointed as some of the fans do. Ever since he left Liverpool for Real Madrid, how do i put it in words, hmm. Let's just say he was my hero when i was a boy, and i clearly remember my essay on my childhood idol, michael owen, scoring that amazing goal against Argentina. HOWEVER, when there were talks on him leaving, which was a few years later, i was very cool about it, probably because "nobody is bigger than the club". Then again if you wanna apply this phrase on everyone, i was stressed, nervous, anxious, and a little angry when there were talks of Gerrard leaving, clearly remember lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what i'll do if stevie left.

Ok sorry back to the point, the day he left, i was like "well bye idiot, thanks for that cheap 8m you left us." He was 1 of our better players at that time, but somehow, i wasn't worried at all, and hell why would i? At the end of Rafa's first season, he gave me, what was undoubtedly the best night of my life. Anyway he came back to epl, Newcastle, and it was clear what he wanted to do.

Look where Newcastle ended? I'm not sorry they ended up in this state, but i'm sorry how their highest paid player treated them. Truly pity them, "I couldn't get out of there fast enough so I could play with some real players and win stuff", they don't deserve this.

Now, to join man utd just show him for who he is. A born and bred liverpool player, and i can think of so many more names, who under the exact same scenario who decline to do such a thing. Ha what a greedy money grabbing backstabbing cunt. For that, i hope you win nothing for the rest of your life. Now now don't get me wrong, i'm not angry at him for joining our rivals here, i just resent his attitude and character. Probably, the manc and him are made for each other LOL.

Bye michael you ingrate, used to be a great player, but that's just about it.

On matters at home, heard grandpa is not feeling well, haiz. My uncle is flying back to Holland tonight to visit him, last i heard he couldn't recognise faces anymore. I really missed the time spent together with him during my trip there, even though it was just a mere 2 week. Haiz really hope this would not be the last time i see him. The past few weeks i've actually plan to call him because i kinda miss him, just to let him hear my voice since we can't really communicate, but never got the number from my aunt.

Memento mori, but can we actually face it?


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