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Anfield of 08/09

I've finished this for some time already, but never really remembered to post it up. This was something i thought of doing one day(again 1 of those things you wake up and thought of doing one day), in memory of my first trip to liverpool, and a somewhat summarised season review, which explains the title. I took damnnnn damnn damnn damnn long to complete this. Some nights i could pen a few lines smoothly, some nights i just stare at the monitor til dawn. Having said that, i'm not denying it's shit, i can like even tell from reading it, BUT I liked it.

My friend asked me at the beginning of the football season,
screaming for a liverpool win what’s the reason?
I said the redmen have a mission,
supporting them just give me the frission.

I watched us storm to the top of the league.
With certain games requiring perseverance and grit
to come back from behind and defeat,
it was by no means a lucky feat.

As we headed into the new year,
We began to stutter and our challenge seemed to veer.
The crowd was showing signs of fear,
as manchester began creeping up the rear.

I was not going to let it affect my mood,
As I prepare for my first trip to liverpool.
First to holland and off i flew,
A nice place and the flowers were beautiful.

When I finally touched down at John Lennon airport,
I was beaming all the way out as if I saw god.
“This all feels like a dream” I thought,
And it gets better as stevie was released from court.

I stayed near city centre and decided to go shopping,
when I walked pass the royal liver building.
I’ve never seen a magnificent structure of such making
And noticed that the liverbird atop was secured in fear of it flying.

After having lunch at Carra’s sports express,
I went back to the hotel for match updates on the mancs and the rest,
Only to see fergie face turned as red as a monkey ass
And chelsea losing to tottenham who would have guessed?

It was one sleepless night
As I wonder what anfield looked like.
Late morning came and I boarded the bus full of kopites,
driving past houses and suddenly the stadium came into sight.

The time was only 12 noon,
But the pub was already near full.
Walked into nearby pubs having a drink or 2,
Then went to get my programme when I saw coco that fool.

Outside the Shankly gate,
I took some time to remember our 96 who left that fateful day.
Be it january february march april or may
The pain and anguish will never go away.

Kick off was scheduled at 4,
And the amount of flags we had just left me in awe.
Aston villa must have felt sick to the core
Once Kuyt scored and left us screaming for more.

The game ended 5-0
As captain stevie was once again the hero.
Whisky nose was by now drowning his sorrow
“fucking scousers”, wondering what’s to follow.

Although in the end we failed,
Our winning form led to the hilarious “beyond the pale”.
We all know and understand that he’s in fear,
And to collude he probably had to lick fat sam’s balls and suck his nipple.

We wanted a challenge and we got one.
Who scored more than us? None.
Chelsea in transition, Arsenal and their young faulty guns,
And the manc finally seem to be coming to the end of their run.

10 jamie to fill in for jamie if he ever gets a ban,
Xabi’s ability is simply beyond many’s ken,
Stevie’s our captain and a diehard liverpool fan.
Nando? What can I say everybody wished he was their man.

We have got a great spine,
Whoever rafa brings in this time
I don’t care and I know he’s gonna be just fine.
The gaffer ain’t daft and he certainly ain’t blind.

Can’t wait for the next season to start,
And my next trip to the Albert pub.
For now it’ll be supporting LFC from miles apart,
As she’ll always be in my heart.

Desmond Goh 2009

P.S. It still sounds shite. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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