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Beyond enemy line

I was watching discovery channel last week, an episode on situation critical about a NATO pilot being shot down in Bosnia and landed in hostile enemy territory. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Well the movie beyond enemy line was based on this true story.

What was suppose to be a routine air patrol for Cpt Scott turned out to be a nightmare as he ejected from his plane and landed in no man's land.

As soon as he landed he had to scramble for cover as the whole Bosnia forces were hunting for him. He manages to hide himself in time, and survived for the next 2 days. The military gave up the search soon after, and it was left to the paramilitary. This was a ploy by the country to abnegate responsibility as the paramilitary doesn't work under them.

The doughty pilot only moved around at night, all the while trying to establish comms with his comrades, eating ants and leaves, drinking water from his socks. In the end, US send almost their entire fleet out to extract him from the area. Fortunately no one was injured or killed in the attempt.

Anyway what struck me the most was what the Bosnia general in charge of the search said "As a man, i'm glad that he escaped, but as a commander responsible for "bringing him in", i failed and after he got rescued i was a very angry man."

The way the general sounded, it just send chills down the spine. Imagine being the pilot, and when you finally can heave a sigh of relief, and then looking back and hear what the enemy have to say. Scary thoughts.

Oh well, who says movies are all fake? Just look at Simo Hayha, he totally pwn Rambo.


August 2010



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